On a Roll

Guys, this Spring and Summer are going to test your willingness to try new things- at least with your fashion. And I urge you to follow those, perhaps uncomfortable, trends just for a while.

The biggest changes are going to be happening a little to your south, scratch that, a lot to your south- your pants, mainly around your ankles. First things first you’re going to want to show a little ankle these upcoming seasons. Ever heard of the “man-pri?” Probably not, because it’s not a commonly used term, but get used to seeing these products of evolution. I’m not talking about anything complicated and scientific, these are just capris for men! They will leave you looking cool and fresh while feeling cool and fresh. Its going to grab those women’s attention when you’re at the beach playing volleyball with the buds shirtless- but those aren’t shorts you’re wearing, those are man-pris! The most popular hybrid since the Prius!

One of the best things about the man-pri is that you don’t actually need to go out and buy any new pants; just roll up your jeans to about mid calf, or maybe even lower, and you have a casual, fashionable, and great new look. You can even transform a pair of chinos or other casual pants into man-pris for a classy, yet comfortable look. Throw on some sandals, sneakers or even a loafer and you are styled and ready for the warm seasons.

This trend will work best with a straight-leg or a skinny pant. I know most men are scared of the skinny, and I was too for the longest time, until I figured out that they look fantastic as a man-pri. You may have to try on something new and get a feel for the change, because I can guarantee you’ll be able to tell the difference from your usual boot cut jeans. Just embrace the change for a couple of months and by the time Fall hits, you’ll be over it and back into those old familiar boot cut jeans you loved so much. So guys, get ready to show some ankle and get ready to love it!

Stay fresh and cool,



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